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9 interesting cases with RotoBed®

Jan Rønhoff, 52 years old. Was diagnosed with ALS, a degenerative neurological disease, at age 48. Married to Charlotte. Moved to a care home a year ago and got a RotoBed® at the same time.

Rotobed rotating care bed

Lisbeth Buhl, Occupational Therapist at the Handicap Institute in Aabenraa.

Esther Soegaard, 77 years old. Suffering from lymphedema and is unable to raise her own legs. Got a RotoBed® three years ago.

Tommy Hansen, Sorgenfri. 47 years old. Born spastic. Has had a RotoBed® for 10 months.


Kristina Sangvita, Rødovre. 39 years old. Partially paralyzed after a car accident 16 years ago. Had a RotoBed® for one and a half years, but no longer needs it.

Bonnich Petersen, 77 years old, retired baker. Suffers from Parkinson’s and arthritis. Has had a RotoBed®  for 15 months.

Helle Pedersen, Høng. 61 years old. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999. Has had a RotoBed® for a year.

Peter Kristoffersen, 56 years old. Born spastic. Lives at the Munkehatten nursing home in Odense.

Jack Jønsson, Ishoej. 71 years old. Is hemiplegic after a blood clot. Has had a RotoBed® for a year.