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9 interesting cases with RotoBed®

Jan Rønhoff, 52 years old. Was diagnosed with ALS, a degenerative neurological disease, at age 48. Married to Charlotte. Moved to a care home a year ago and got a RotoBed® at the same time.

Lisbeth Buhl, Occupational Therapist at the Handicap Institute in Aabenraa.

Esther Soegaard, 77 years old. Suffering from lymphedema and is unable to raise her own legs. Got a RotoBed® three years ago.

Tommy Hansen, Sorgenfri. 47 years old. Born spastic. Has had a RotoBed® for 10 months.


Kristina Sangvita, Rødovre. 39 years old. Partially paralyzed after a car accident 16 years ago. Had a RotoBed® for one and a half years, but no longer needs it.

Bonnich Petersen, 77 years old, retired baker. Suffers from Parkinson’s and arthritis. Has had a RotoBed®  for 15 months.

Helle Pedersen, Høng. 61 years old. Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999. Has had a RotoBed® for a year.

Peter Kristoffersen, 56 years old. Born spastic. Lives at the Munkehatten nursing home in Odense.

Jack Jønsson, Ishoej. 71 years old. Is hemiplegic after a blood clot. Has had a RotoBed® for a year.