Rotobed rotating care bed

The RotoBed® postpones the need for home care services

Lisbeth Buhl, Occupational Therapist at the Handicap Institute in Aabenraa.

We have tested the RotoBed® automatic bed as part of a project. The aim was primarily to discover if the bed could make a patient self-reliant to a degree that the need for assistance to get in and out of bed could be postponed or omitted altogether. We tested the bed with 11 patients who were close to a stage where home care services provided by the municipality would become necessary, and the results turned out very positive.

The risk of bedsores is reduced thanks to less twisting and pulling of the skin both at entry and exit, and in trying to find a good body position. The bed prevents falls, and people with osteoporosis have less pain and a lower risk of fractures thanks to fewer manipulations.

We wanted to make sure to get exact results. First we visited the patient and made a professional evaluation, COPM, based on the patient’s own assessment. Next, the patient came to the Handicap Institute for a test to ensure that he or she could use the bed’s functions. Just after delivering the bed, we made a follow-up visit at the patient’s home with an additional review of the whole operation, and after 3-4 weeks a third visit for a final evaluation.

It is worth spending some time to ensure that the patient is introduced to the bed and comfortable using it. All the patients in the project have become more self-reliant and are very happy about it. Being able to get up or go to bed by themselves has given both them and their families valuable freedom.

The patients involved suffer from chronic diseases such as Parkinson’s and arthritis. They have a limited amount of energy and using it all on getting out of bed would be a shame. Most are elderly, and their spouses often lack the necessary physical strength to help out. With a RotoBed® automatic the couple gets a better opportunity to be husband and wife instead of disabled patient and helper. That way the spouses are also very pleased with the bed.

9 cases with RotoBed® automatic