RotoBed Parkinson's

It is such a relief to me and my wife

Bonnich Petersen, 77 years old, retired baker. Suffers from Parkinson’s and arthritis. Has had a RotoBed® for 15 months.

I have had Parkinson’s for 12 years, but in recent years it has become increasingly worse. I have difficulty walking, my body is aching and will not really obey me anymore.

I used to have a regular bed with elevation, but this is so much better. I can control it with great accuracy; a small notch forward here, a small notch back there until I am in the perfect position. Previously it was a struggle to get in bed, and every night I had to wake my wife and have her drag me up when I had to pee.

Since I got the RotoBed®, I have not once had to wake my wife at night. This is such a relief for both of us. It is very satisfying for me to be able to take care of myself and not having to ask for help all the time. My daily nap is no longer a problem; I get to bed and up again by myself, which allows my wife to leave the house during the day.

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