I go to bed when I want

Peter Kristoffersen is 56 years old and lives at a nursing home in Odense, Denmark. Peter was born spastic. 

When I moved here to Munkehatten last summer, I brought my old bed. It was an ordinary bed. I couldn’t get out of it myself so I had to wait until the staff had time. That was a bummer. I like to get up early.

When the staff proposed to get a new bed I wasn’t very happy. But I agreed to try it for a short time. It was a little difficult to learn how to control it, but a few days later I just got up in the morning all by myself. When they came to get me out of bed, they couldn’t find me. That was funny.

Now I can get to my bathroom without help by leaning against the dresser and the door frame. I get dressed and ready before I press the call button. Then the caregivers bring my wheelchair and I can go and get my bread with jam.

I am very pleased with the bed because I don’t have to wait anymore. In the evening the caregivers prepare me for the night and after that I go to bed when I want.

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RotoBed®Home is a unique rotating bed for users in private homes. It helps you get in and out of bed without pain, contributing to dignity and a higher quality of life. You can customize RotoBed®Home by choosing between different headboards and textile colours.

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