Fully automatic rotation bed:

RotoBed®Home is the most helpful bed ever

rotation bed design award

RotoBed®Home is an innovative rotation bed with many welfare technological functions. Furthermore, the design is price awarded and you can add your own touch by choosing colours and headboards. You can customize your RotoBed®Home here.

RotoBed®Home is an innovative rotation bed offering more freedom and higher quality of life:

  • With a RotoBed®Home, people who have difficulty getting in and out of bed, are now able to do so with no physical effort.
  • By a single touch of a remote control, the bed is elevated to chair position and rotated towards the room. It takes less than one minute.
  • This facilitates both exit and transition to a wheelchair or stand-aid.
  • Also back- and leg part are adjusted with remote control.
  • The patient surfarce is divided in 4 parts and offers optimal support.
  • The rotating mechanism is quiet and smooth, which makes the moovement very comfortable for the user.
  • The bed has a simple and comprehensive remote control. In addition, we have developed also a wireless remote control with a clean and beautiful design.
  • You can choose between an oblique and a perpendicular exit. This way, you can facilitate transfer to a walker or a wheelchair.
  • The backrest inclination and position during rotation can be stored individually so you will have the optimal comfort every time.

Dimensions for rotated bed

Technical Info

Exit height: 40-59 cm

Mattress width: 85 / 100 cm

Mattress length: 205 / 215 / 225 cm

Wood: Oak veneer

User weight: max 190 kg

Weight Indications

Head board: 22 kg

Foot board: 20 kg

Frame: 104 kg

Total weight: 164 kg

Available with various  accessories

Requirements & standards

RotoBed®Home is CE approved and meets the latest european standards according to direktive 2006/42/ef and ISO EN 12100:2011

All the motors and control boxes are top quality and developed in cooperation with LINAK. They are also standard IPX6W approved, which means they the bed can withstand wash in a washing system.

rotation bed user testemony

Packing on pallet

packing rotobed

RotoBed®Home is a unique rotating bed for users in private homes. It helps you get in and out of bed without pain, contributing to dignity and a higher quality of life. You can customize RotoBed®Home by choosing between different headboards and textile colours.

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