“Posso ir para a cama quando quiser, posso levantar-me quando quiser. Posso fazer as coisas sozinha. Para mim, isso significa liberdade.”

Uma cama rotativa pode mudar sua vida:

Testemunhos de usuários da RotoBed®

“Quando meu marido comprou seu RotoBed®Free, ele se tornou mais autossuficiente. Isso acendeu a luz em seus olhos.”

rotation bed user testemony

Hans Villadsen, 76 anos de idade. Sofre com a agressiva PSP Parkinson. Hans comprou uma RotoBed®Free para evitar ser levantado para entrar e sair da cama. Esta é a única forma digna de se viver, diz a sua esposa.

Rotobed rotating care bed

Lisbeth Buhl, Terapeuta Ocupacional de um Instituto de Deficiência, realizou um teste de camas rotativas. Lisbeth descobriu que a cama adiou a necessidade de cuidados domiciliários.

Esther Soegaard, 77 anos de idade. Esther sofre de linfedema e não é capaz de levantar as suas próprias pernas. Obteve uma RotoBed® há três anos e recuperou o controlo da sua própria vida.

rotational care bed

Tommy Hansen, 49 years old. Born spastic. Tommy has had a RotoBed® for 20 months. He says getting so easily out of bed reduces his fatigue and lets him spend energy on more interesting things.


rotational bed testimony

Kristina Sangvita,  39 years old.  Kristina is partially paralyzed after a car accident 16 years ago. She had a RotoBed® for one and a half years, but no longer needs it. She believes the bed played an important role in her recovery.

Bonnich Petersen, 77 years old, retired baker. Suffers from Parkinson’s and arthritis. Bonnich has had a rotational bed  for 15 months. He is happy he doesn’t need to wake up his wife at night anymore.

Helle Pedersen, 63 years old. Helle was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1999. She has ad a RotoBed® for 2 years. To her, the rotational bed means freedom.

Peter Kristoffersen, 56 years old. Born spastic. Has been living in a nursing home for many years. At first, Peter didn’t want a rotational bed. But one morning the caregivers couldn’t find him…

care bed pain

Jack Jønsson, 73 years old. Jack is hemiplegic after a blood clot, and his wife was exhausted after caring for him herself. Jack has had a RotoBed® for 2 years, and both he and his wife are thrilled about it.

bed for als patient

Jan Roenhoff, diagnosed with ALS at age 48. The disease forced him to move to a care home, and at about the same time he got a RotoBed®.