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General information

RotoBed® ApS

Storegade 44

DK-6640 Lunderskov

CVR no.: 25589580

Phone: +45 7550 5025


Contract / Trade     

RotoBed® sells and delivers products in accordance with the terms and conditions stated in a signed contract or in the form of another written or oral agreement. Unless otherwise specified in the contract or agreement, everything is performed in accordance with the general terms and conditions of agreements.


RotoBed will® do its utmost to serve all customers without fail and in a qualified manner. RotoBed® will correct any errors in ordering / invoicing / delivery in accordance with the warranty and provided that the customer notifies RotoBed® of the error within a reasonable timeframe. In the event of improper use / breach of the warranty terms, RotoBed assumes no additional financial liability for direct or indirect damages arising from the use of RotoBed® products.


RotoBed® disclaims responsibility for any errors in our quoted prices. Furthermore, we reserve the right to change the list prices without prior consent. However, if you have ordered but not yet paid for a product, we guarantee the price for one month from when the order was placed. Reservations are made for sold out items.


RotoBed® receives payment by, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, Verified by Visa, Mastercard Securecode, Yourpay and bank transfer. When paying by credit card, you guarantee your entire purchase as well as delivery costs when placing an order. The amount will be deducted from your account when the product is shipped from our warehouse. You will receive an order confirmation email when you place your order. You will also receive an email when the item (s) is shipped from our warehouse.

Delivery and freight

RotoBed® delivers according to FOB Copenhagen, Incoterms® 2020. RotoBed® has the following delivery times and freight rates:

Outside the EU:

Sea freight: Delivery time 4-5 weeks. Shipping price 550 USD / 500 euro.

Air freight: Delivery time 1 week. Shipping price 1350 USD / 1225 euros.

DPU (Delivered at Place Unloaded): For international overseas deliveries, the goods are shipped to a terminal at the embarkation port / airport closest to your address, after which you take over responsibility for the product.

Within the EU:

For road transport: Delivery time 2 weeks. Price: 190 Euro.

For non-bridged transport, freight must be calculated on request.

DAP (Delivered at Place): Within the EU, RotoBed® delivers the order to your address.

Reservations are made for unforeseen events that may affect shipping rates and delivery times. RotoBed reserves the right to change shipping rates going forward.


RotoBed® offers a 3-year warranty provided the instructions in the user manual are followed. All electronics from LINAK (remote control, control box and motors) are covered by a 5 year warranty. Thus, during the warranty periods, RotoBed® delivers spare parts free of charge and with free shipping. At the same time, RotoBed® guarantees to be capable of delivering spare parts for at least 10 years from the date of purchase. RotoBed® manuals contain precise descriptions of warranties and terms to maintain the warranty. In breach of these conditions, the warranty will lapse. RotoBed® manuals contain a troubleshooting section. Once you have identified the error, you can complete a claim report and send it to RotoBed at where after RotoBed® will provide a spare part including instructions on how to replace it.

Cancellation right

If you wish to cancel your purchase with RotoBed®, you can send a returns form to up to 14 days after receipt of the delivery. The right of withdrawal only applies if the item (s) is undamaged and not used. The item (s) must be returned in original packaging. The order must be returned without undue delay and no later than 14 days after you have exercised your right of withdrawal. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the item (s) is properly packaged. Return shipping is payed for by the buyer. You must attach a copy of the order confirmation. You carry the risk of the goods from the time of delivery of the goods until we have received the return. The purchase price is refunded when RotoBed® has received and approved the status of the returned product (s). The return address is as follows:

RotoBed® ApS

Sortebjergvej 19

DK-6640 Lunderskov

Goods not included in the right of withdrawal: RotoBed®Home rotating bed, which, thanks to the choice of textile color other than the standard color, has been given a distinctly personal touch.

Refund: If you paid by bank transfer, please provide bank details in the form of registration number and account number so that the agreed amount can be transferred. This information can be disclosed without risk by mail or other electronic form as it is not sensitive information and will only be used for our refund. When paying by credit card, the amount will be returned to the same credit card.

Personal Data

RotoBed® collects and stores personal data for various purposes, including billing. You can read more about processing and storage in our privacy policy.

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